Gerontological Nursing Competencies

The Gerontological Nursing Competencies(GNCs) is an evidence based mentorship programme. The programme is available online combined with workshop (virtual) activities.

At the end of the programme, individual practitioners aged care organisations are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to work effectively with older people and their families.

The outcome from completing the GNCs programme is a portfolio of evidence about your essential or enhanced level of specialist practice. The GNCs programme provides a career pathway for new graduates, early career and experienced Registered and Enrolled Nurses. The evidence in your portfolio will be a combination of work based and professional development activities.

Past and new courses completed by participants will count towards the evidence requirements for the GNCs. When your portfolio is completed, you will also qualify with 6 Credit Points towards a UOW Graduate Certificate, including ‘Leadership in Gerontology and Rehabilitation’ or ‘Person Centred Dementia Care’.

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